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Watershed Launches CSRD Compliance Software

creenshots of Watershed CSRD software showcasing reporting progress and metrics tracking.

The introduction of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) by the European Union marks a transformative period. As businesses grapple with the complexities of compliance, Watershed has emerged as a beacon of innovation with its specialized software solution, aptly named Watershed for CSRD.

This tool is engineered to streamline the compliance process, assisting over 50,000 global companies in adapting to what is considered the most comprehensive ESG disclosure regulation in history.

Watershed for CSRD: A New Era of Sustainability Reporting

As we edge closer to 2025, approximately 12,000 companies are gearing up to present their 2024 ESG data to regulators across EU member states. The CSRD distinguishes itself by elevating climate and ESG data to the same pedestal as financial data, thereby integrating sustainability reporting into the core functions of corporate leadership and financial teams.

Watershed's offering extends beyond a mere compliance tool; it revolutionizes how finance and sustainability teams approach their ESG data. By providing a solution that is both comprehensive and audit-ready, Watershed for CSRD ensures that businesses can meet the stringent requirements set forth by the CSRD with confidence and precision.

Empowering Companies with Data Precision and Assurance

Watershed for CSRD compliance is a testament to science-driven sustainability. The software equips companies to manage over 1,100 ESG data points required under the CSRD. Its user-friendly interface features guided workflows, project management tools, and an automated report builder designed to identify data discrepancies and monitor compliance with each CSRD standard.

This holistic approach not only aids companies in achieving CSRD compliance but also in leveraging their ESG metrics for additional frameworks like CDP and TCFD. The platform's ability to streamline the reporting process, coupled with its data governance capabilities, positions Watershed for CSRD as an indispensable tool for companies navigating the new terrain of sustainability reporting.

A Sustainable Future Powered by Innovation

The launch of Watershed for CSRD signifies a pivotal moment in the journey towards sustainable corporate practices. By aligning ESG reporting with the rigor of financial reporting, Watershed is not just facilitating compliance; it is fostering a culture of transparency and accountability.

This innovative solution is the culmination of Watershed's expertise in climate, environmental, and policy domains. As companies worldwide brace for the impact of the CSRD, Watershed for CSRD stands out as a vital ally, offering the clarity, control, and confidence needed to thrive in this new era of regulated climate disclosure.

Watershed’s strategic response to the CSRD challenge underscores the critical role of technology and innovation in advancing sustainability goals. As businesses strive to meet and exceed these new standards, Watershed for CSRD will undoubtedly play a key role in shaping the future of corporate sustainability reporting.


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