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Apple Value Chain Commitment: Pioneering Clean Energy and Water Sustainability by 2030

Accelerating Clean Energy Integration Across the Apple Value Chain

Banner showcasing Apple Value Chain's 2030 goal for clean energy and water sustainability

Apple has made significant strides in its commitment to environmental stewardship, particularly through its ambitious Apple 2030 initiative aimed at achieving carbon neutrality across its entire business by the end of the decade.

Central to this goal is the integration of renewable energy within its supply chain, where over 320 suppliers—accounting for 95% of Apple's direct manufacturing spend—have pledged to use 100% renewable energy for all Apple production by 2030.

This commitment has led to a remarkable increase in the use of clean energy, with current figures showing that 16.5 gigawatts of renewable energy are now online, up 20% from the previous year. This scale-up in clean energy usage has resulted in the generation of over 25.5 million megawatt-hours of clean energy last year alone, effectively avoiding more than 18.5 million metric tons of carbon emissions.

Infographic detailing Apple Supplier Clean Energy Program's achievements in renewable energy and emissions reduction

Strategic Global Investments in Renewable Energy

Apple's efforts to decarbonize its energy consumption extend beyond its immediate operations. In the U.S., Apple is investing in a portfolio of solar projects across Michigan, expected to bring 132 megawatts of clean energy online later this year.

Similarly, in Spain, Apple has partnered with solar developer ib vogt to generate 105 megawatts of solar power by year's end. These projects are part of Apple's broader strategy to match every watt of electricity used by customers to charge their devices with clean energy by 2030.

Internationally, Apple continues to foster renewable energy use through initiatives like the China Clean Energy Fund, which has financed over 1 gigawatt of wind and solar projects across 14 provinces in China. These projects are anticipated to yield over 2,400 gigawatt-hours of renewable energy annually.

Water Conservation and Replenishment Initiatives

In parallel with energy, Apple is deeply committed to sustainable water use. The company has launched initiatives aimed at replenishing 100% of the freshwater used in its corporate operations in high-stress locations. Notable projects include the restoration of flood plains and strategic forest thinning to protect watersheds and enhance water resilience.

Apple’s Supplier Clean Water Program, initiated in 2013, has led to significant water savings, with over 76 billion gallons conserved to date. Last year alone, Apple and its suppliers saved 12 billion gallons of fresh water, highlighting the effectiveness of collaborative water stewardship.

Advancing Ecosystem Restoration and Water Resilience

Apple's nature-based solutions for water resilience involve several innovative projects. In Northern California, the restoration of the Dos Rios Norte area will reconnect the flood plain across 750 acres where major waterways meet, which is critical for the habitat of native Chinook salmon and for reducing regional water demand.

In Arizona’s Colorado River Basin, Apple's partnership with the Salt River Project is set to protect approximately 30,000 acres of forest from wildfire risks, safeguarding the watershed and ensuring the resilience of local water resources. This initiative is part of a larger 10-year plan to manage forest health and fire risk effectively.

Accelerating Progress Through Green Investments

Supporting these environmental goals is Apple’s Green Bonds program, which has facilitated nearly $5 billion in funding since 2016. These funds have been allocated to various projects, including new clean energy developments and carbon removal initiatives, playing a crucial role in accelerating Apple's sustainability efforts.

The 2019 Green Bond, for instance, has supported new solar projects in Michigan and the IP Radian Solar project in Texas, alongside investments in high-quality carbon removal through the Restore Fund.

Setting a New Standard for Corporate Environmental Stewardship

Apple's comprehensive approach to integrating clean energy and advancing water resilience is setting new standards for environmental responsibility in the technology sector. By actively transforming its entire value chain, Apple not only demonstrates its commitment to sustainability but also inspires other corporations to follow suit.

As the deadline for its 2030 climate goals approaches, Apple's ongoing investments and initiatives continue to underscore its role as a leader in corporate environmental stewardship, racing towards a cleaner, more sustainable future for all.


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