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COP28 Climate Summit 2023: The Battle Against Climate Change

Updated: Jan 13

The COP28 Climate Summit 2023, also known as the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, is currently underway in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from November 30th to December 12th. This crucial conference unfolds against a backdrop of the hottest year ever recorded, highlighting the urgency of addressing the escalating climate crisis.

Keynote speakers and officials on stage at the COP28 UAE event in Dubai 2023, with the United Nations Climate Change and COP28UAE logos displayed prominently.

What is COP28?

COP28, the 28th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), is a pivotal global summit focused on climate change and environmental action.

Scheduled from November 30th to December 12th, 2023, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, COP28 brings together world leaders, policymakers, environmental experts, and various stakeholders to assess progress, negotiate climate agreements, and set future objectives in the fight against climate change.

This conference serves as a critical platform for global stocktaking of the goals set in the Paris Agreement, particularly the commitment to limiting the global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees Celsius while aiming for 1.5C.

COP28 is not only about evaluating progress but also about catalyzing further action towards sustainable and equitable solutions for mitigating climate change impacts and enhancing global climate resilience. As such, it represents a significant moment in international efforts to address one of the most pressing challenges of our time.


COP28 Climate Summit 2023: Financial Commitments and Climate Finance

A landmark achievement at the COP28 Climate Summit 2023 is the establishment of a "loss and damage" fund, aimed at compensating vulnerable countries affected by climate-induced disasters. This fund, agreed upon in the conference's early stages, marks a significant step in climate finance.

"Today’s news on loss and damage gives this UN climate conference a running start. All governments and negotiators must use this momentum to deliver ambitious outcomes here in Dubai," said UN climate chief Simon Stiell​​.

Countries have pledged substantial amounts to the fund, with the United Arab Emirates and Germany each committing $100 million. The United States announced a $17.5 million contribution, pending congressional approval. These commitments reflect a collective effort to address climate change impacts.

"The reality is that without much more finance flowing to developing countries, a renewables revolution will remain a mirage in the desert. COP28 must turn it into a reality," added Stiell​​.


COP28 2023: Uniting for Climate Action

The conference emphasizes accelerating global climate action and aligning Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) with the 1.5-degree Celsius target of the Paris Agreement.

Simon Stiell stressed, “At COP28, every country and every company will be held to account, guided by the north star of keeping 1.5°C within reach”​​.

However, the phasing out of fossil fuels remains a contentious topic, with COP28 President Sultan Al-Jaber advocating for a "phasing down" approach, which has sparked debate among delegates and environmental groups.

Agenda of the COP28 Climate Change Conference: Key Events and Discussions in the Coming Days

Here's an overview of the key items on the agenda for the coming days at COP28.

Group photo of delegates at the COP28 Climate Summit 2023, with a backdrop stating 'UNITE. ACT. DELIVER.' representing the unified commitment to climate action.


High-Level Segment and Leadership Dialogues

Leadership Dialogues: The high-level segment of the conference will feature leadership dialogues, where heads of state, ministers, and other high-ranking officials will discuss and negotiate critical climate issues. These dialogues are expected to shape the direction of global climate policy and commitments.

Thematic Sessions: Themed sessions focusing on various aspects of climate action, including mitigation, adaptation, finance, and technology transfer, will be held. These sessions are aimed at fostering in-depth discussions and driving tangible progress in each area.


Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) Review

NDCs Evaluation: One of the key focuses of COP28 is the evaluation and enhancement of Nationally Determined Contributions. Countries will review their current commitments and explore ways to increase ambition to meet the Paris Agreement goals.

Stakeholder Engagement: In these sessions, governments will engage with various stakeholders, including businesses, NGOs, and indigenous communities, to gather diverse perspectives and build inclusive climate strategies.


Climate Finance Discussions

Funding Mechanisms: Critical discussions on climate finance will continue, focusing on mechanisms to fund climate action in developing countries. Topics include the operationalization of the "loss and damage" fund and the replenishment of the Green Climate Fund.

Private Sector Involvement: The role of the private sector in financing climate action will be a significant point of discussion, emphasizing public-private partnerships and innovative financing models.


Specialized Panels and Workshops

Technical Panels: Panels comprising scientists, researchers, and policy experts will delve into specific issues like renewable energy, carbon markets, and climate resilience. These panels aim to provide evidence-based insights to inform policy decisions.

Workshops and Side Events: A variety of workshops and side events hosted by different countries and organizations will take place. These events are opportunities for sharing best practices, showcasing innovative solutions, and fostering international collaboration.


Youth and Civil Society Engagement

Youth Forums: Recognizing the vital role of youth in climate action, COP28 will include forums and events specifically for young climate activists and leaders. These forums will provide a platform for youth to voice their concerns and ideas.

Civil Society Roundtables: Roundtable discussions involving civil society groups will be held to ensure that the voices of various communities are heard in the climate dialogue.


Conclusion and Declaration

Conference Declaration: Towards the end of COP28, a final declaration summarizing the agreements, commitments, and future steps agreed upon during the conference will be drafted and presented.

Closing Remarks: The conference will conclude with closing remarks from the COP28 President and other key figures, highlighting the achievements of the conference and the path forward.

These themes will be explored through debates, panels, workshops, and cultural events​​. For the most up-to-date information on the daily agenda of COP28, attendees and interested parties should refer to the COP 28 Daily Programme and the COP28 UAE website.


The Path Forward

COP28 is not just a forum for discussion but a crucial juncture for decisive action. Over 160 world leaders are present, underscoring the global commitment to combating climate change. The outcomes of this conference are eagerly awaited, as they will shape future policies and actions in the fight against global warming.

“Yes, this is the biggest COP yet – but attending a COP does not tick the climate box for the year. The badges around your necks make you responsible for delivering climate action here and at home,” Simon Stiell remarked, emphasizing the responsibility of participants​​.

As the conference continues, the world watches, hopeful that COP28 will catalyze the ambitious and urgent actions needed to confront the climate crisis.

For more information and live updates on COP28, visit the UNFCCC COP28 page and UN News.


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