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Morgan Stanley Capital Partners Acquires Resource Innovations: A Leap Toward Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Morgan Stanley's headquarters, a symbol of its commitment to energy efficiency and sustainable investments

Morgan Stanley Energy Efficiency Acquisition Leads the Charge in Sustainable Investment

In a landmark move that underscores a significant shift towards sustainable practices in the financial sector, Morgan Stanley Energy, through its investment management arm Morgan Stanley Capital Partners (MSCP), has acquired Resource Innovations.

This strategic acquisition marks a pivotal moment for Morgan Stanley Energy Efficiency Acquisition, emphasizing its commitment to driving energy efficiency and sustainability across industries.

Resource Innovations, a San Francisco-based leader in providing energy efficiency and sustainability services, has now become a part of Morgan Stanley Energy's portfolio. Founded in 2016, Resource Innovations offers a suite of services designed to assist utilities, government agencies, and corporate clients in their transition toward sustainable energy use and decarbonization efforts.

This includes advisory services, program management, and software solutions aimed at reducing energy costs, minimizing waste, cutting emissions, and improving grid resiliency.

Morgan Stanley Energy and Resource Innovations: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions

The acquisition of Resource Innovations by Morgan Stanley Energy is not just a financial transaction but a statement of intent. It showcases Morgan Stanley Energy's foresight in recognizing the importance of tech-enabled services that facilitate the energy transition.

Eric Kanter, Managing Director and Head of Industrial Services at MSCP, highlighted the synergy between Morgan Stanley Energy and Resource Innovations, stating that this partnership will play a crucial role in turning energy policy goals into tangible outcomes.

Under the terms of the acquisition, Morgan Stanley Energy will acquire a controlling interest in Resource Innovations from BV Investment Partners among other shareholders. This move is part of Morgan Stanley Energy's broader strategy to invest in and support companies that are at the forefront of the clean energy transition. It reflects a growing trend among financial institutions to prioritize investments that contribute to a sustainable future.

Lauren Casentini, the founder of Resource Innovations, will continue to lead the company as CEO, ensuring that its mission to deliver innovative and differentiated solutions for energy efficiency remains unchanged. Casentini's leadership and vision have been instrumental in Resource Innovations' success, and her continued involvement is seen as key to the company's future growth under Morgan Stanley Energy's stewardship.

Morgan Stanley Energy's acquisition of Resource Innovations is a clear indication of the financial sector's increasing engagement with sustainable energy solutions. This partnership between Morgan Stanley Energy and Resource Innovations is poised to set new standards in the industry, driving forward the agenda of energy efficiency and sustainability.

As the world increasingly focuses on combating climate change and promoting sustainable practices, initiatives like this are crucial in shaping a more resilient and sustainable future.


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