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Symbiosis Coalition: Google, Microsoft, Meta, and Salesforce Lead the Charge for Nature-Based Carbon Removal Solutions

Symbiosis Coalition: Google, Microsoft, Meta, and Salesforce Lead the Charge for Nature-Based Carbon Removal Solutions

Google, Microsoft, Meta, and Salesforce have co-founded the Symbiosis Coalition, an initiative aimed at scaling high-quality, nature-based carbon removal projects. This coalition leverages the latest scientific advancements to enhance the effectiveness and scalability of such projects.

What is the Symbiosis Coalition?

The Symbiosis Coalition is a groundbreaking collaborative initiative among top global companies like Google, Microsoft, Meta, and Salesforce, dedicated to advancing nature-based carbon removal projects. Its primary goal is to restore damaged ecosystems through activities such as tree and mangrove restoration, which are essential for capturing and storing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The coalition sets new industry standards for project design and measurement, ensuring these restoration efforts have a verifiable and significant impact on climate mitigation.

By pooling resources, expertise, and demand for carbon removal credits, the Symbiosis Coalition aims to scale these efforts globally, addressing the urgent need for effective climate action and driving meaningful change in the fight against climate change.

Symbiosis Coalition: A Multi-Company Effort

The Symbiosis Coalition is designed to address the complexities of nature-based carbon removal projects, such as tree and mangrove restoration, which are essential for sequestering carbon dioxide. It aims to overcome the challenges associated with measuring and verifying the climate impact of these projects.

By setting new benchmarks and developing shared criteria for project design and measurement, the Symbiosis Coalition hopes to ensure a high certainty of positive climate impact.

“Symbiosis draws from our experience co-founding Frontier, which has successfully deployed an advanced market commitment to accelerate breakthrough human-made technologies that can store carbon for over 1,000 years,” said Randy Spock, carbon credits and removals lead at Google.

Key Milestones and Commitments

The Symbiosis Coalition builds on the successful framework of Frontier, another coalition that has focused on human-made carbon removal technologies. Frontier has deployed advanced market commitments to support technologies capable of storing carbon for over a thousand years. The Symbiosis Coalition will apply a similar approach to nature-based solutions, aiming to remove 20 million tons of carbon dioxide and reach net zero by 2030.

In addition to Google and Microsoft, other notable companies like Meta and Salesforce have joined the initiative, with more expected to follow. This collective effort underscores the importance of collaboration in addressing climate change.

Ongoing Efforts and Future Goals

The Symbiosis Coalition also emphasizes the benefits of nature restoration projects, including biodiversity restoration and the equitable involvement of Indigenous and local communities. The coalition plans to share its project criteria publicly, encouraging other companies to adopt best practices and enhance their confidence in nature-based carbon removal solutions.

“We are excited to join other leading companies to signal our support for the highest quality carbon removal projects that have an impact for people and the planet." said Blair Swedeen, Global Head of Net-Zero and Sustainability at Meta. "Reducing our emissions and helping to scale a robust carbon market that includes nature-based and technological carbon removal solutions are essential parts of achieving our sustainability goals, and we’re proud to partner with our peers to help tackle the climate crisis.”

Symbiosis Coalition - A Nature-based Project

The Symbiosis Coalition, led by Google, Microsoft, Meta, and Salesforce, represents a significant movement to scale nature-based carbon removal projects. Through this and other initiatives, these tech giants demonstrate their commitment to innovative and effective climate solutions. As more companies join these efforts, the collective impact will be crucial in the global fight against climate change.

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What area should the Symbiosis Coalition focus on to maximize its impact?

  • Developing innovative measurement techniques

  • Increasing public awareness and education

  • Enhancing collaboration with local communities

  • Expanding funding and resource pooling


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